Creative Logo Design

Avoiding Logo Clones

A professional logo design can get a business far. A logo is the business’s main identifier and is usually the first thing people notice about a brand. A company that has no logo can be quite difficult to remember. However, you should not settle for just any logo. The company logo design has to be easy to understand especially since an average person never focuses on one logo for more than several seconds. A good logo delivers the message in milliseconds. If it’s too complicated, it may do more harm than good.

Getting the help of a good logo designer is the best way to have high quality logos. A logo designer has the right tools in order to create an eye-catching emblem for your business. In addition, having a custom logo design will ensure that your business emblem will be a challenge to duplicate.

One of the most embarrassing things that a business owner can experience is having a similar logo with another company. Cases like these are a matter of controversy and usually attract negative attention. To make sure that your business logo design won’t have a twin somewhere, here are some tips for you.

1. Unless you are a logo designer, don’t design your own logo.

Among the things an average person will do when designing a logo is to use stock photos or worse, put together clip arts. If you do either, you make it very easy to have a logo clone by design company. Stock photos and clip arts are accessible. Meaning, a person can copy the logo exactly as you designed it. Aside from the fact that they are easily cloned, clipart logos do not print well and don’t produce high quality logos.

logo design

2. Don’t be tempted to get free logo designs online.

If you want a high quality logo with the right formats, you actually have to spend some money. Free logos, like clipart logos, are very easy to access. If you settle for one, you’ll have hundreds of clones all over the world. This is a shame, especially of you are a company dealing with serious matters like a bank, hospital, or a law firm.

3. Trust only reliable logo designer websites.

There are various logo designer sites selling ready-made logos. Before you commit to one and buy anything, make sure you take some time to read about the company. Look at their previous works and read the clients testimonials. If you are happy with what you see and read so far, then go for it. If you’re unsure, then it might be a good idea to look for other options.

4. Have it copyrighted.

Once you purchased a logo, the next logical step to protect it is to have it copyrighted. This way, you can maximize the use of your logo and ensure that only you have the freedom to use it exclusively.

A distinct and high quality logo is something you should invest on. Take a look at these samples of logo look-alikes. Don’t make the same mistake. Contact Logo design company today for getting professional work done!